Like a beautiful butterfly emerging from a homely cocoon, the moment a person gets engaged they blossom from a run-of-the-mill human into a bride-to-be. A bride is a true dictator, her wedding her totalitarian state. And that is exactly as it should be. 

In this bridal gag gift, Laura Willcox writes in the voice of an overbearing, outrageous wedding planner covering all aspects of a weddingfrom maximizing jealousy when you announce your engagement on social media, to establishing yourself as the alpha over your bridesmaids, to preventing your groom from ruining your wedding by having any opinions at all, and so much more. 

Accompanied by Jason O’Malley’s hilarious illustrations, Willcox offers tongue-in-cheek advice for every wedding-planning moment, whether it’s dreaming up the perfect wedding-weekend hashtag, dealing with a focus-stealing flower girl, or figuring out how to distance yourself from the poor, unfortunate souls who didn’t make the cut for your guest list.

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Laura Willcox’s refreshing take on all things bride will turn tradition on its head, and have you rolling your eyes and reading passages out loud to your engaged (and married) friends. This funny book is a perfect gift for the friend who can’t stop pinning to her dream wedding board, the bridesmaid currently feeling the wrath of her friend-turned-bridezilla, or any bride who would benefit from a much-needed break from the stress and madness of wedding planning.


About The Author

Laura Willcox is a writer, actress, and comedian living in Los Angeles. She performs weekly at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and has appeared on FX's You're The Worst, Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer, MTV's Hey Girl, and UCB’s Trying, and has written for Girl Code, The New Yorker, Cosmopolitan, and more. Visit her website here.

About The Illustrator

Jason O'Malley is an illustrator, book designer, and art director. His vibrant and colorful illustrations have appeared in The New York TimesOUT, Lucky, InStyle, and numerous international publications. He recently designed and illustrated the rainbow flavored extravaganza of a book for Big Gay Ice Cream and the fabulous entertaining tome The Cocktail Party by Mary Giuliani. View his website here.